When will I be able to return to work after my breast augmentation?

Among the most common concerns that women have when obtaining a Miami breast augmentation procedure is when they’ll be able to return to work. The answer to this question differs depending on each person’s rate of recovery. The recovery process can also be impacted by numerous variables. However, there is a general timeline that should […]

What’s Recovery Like After Visiting Plastic Surgeons in Miami?

While plastic surgery’s a great way to regain your health and reach your aesthetic goals, the recovery process can often feel intimidating to potential patients. Fortunately, recovery’s not as bad as you might think it is. Check out this helpful guide to learn the answer to all your questions about plastic surgery recovery.   What’s […]

What Kind of Follow-up Care Should I Expect From Plastic Surgeons in Miami?

When you’re visiting plastic surgeons in Miami to schedule cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, you’re likely to have questions about follow-up care. Postoperative care is essential to minimizing the chance of pain, infection, and other complications, and scheduled follow-up consultations are key to a smooth recovery. Meeting with your plastic surgeon after surgery gives you a […]

Placement of Implants Over the Muscle

Some women opt to have their breast implants placed above the pectoral muscle of the chest but below the tissue of the breast. This placement is referred to as subfascial or sub-glandular implants. Placing implants above the muscle prevents them from moving side to side and flattening when people flex their chest muscles. Implants placed […]

Do Plastic Surgeons in Miami Leave Scars?

If you’re considering a breast lift in Miami, it’s helpful to know what to expect after the procedure. Since this type of augmentation involves some incisions, there will be light scarring. Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to minimize these scars. Here’s what you need to know about breast lift scars. […]

Can Plastic Surgeons in Miami Help You Achieve Your New Year Goals?

Every year, a common goal people have is to improve their appearance. While some simply want to lose weight, many want to look younger. Losing weight can sometimes lead to more disappointment if there is sagging skin from aging or rapid weight loss. If you want to look your best, there are procedures that plastic […]

Where will the scar be placed for my breast augmentation procedure?

Reasons that folks seek Miami breast augmentation include:   Making their breasts even and proportional Reconstructing their breasts after other surgery Reinvigorating their breasts after significant weight loss and/or pregnancy Just being more voluptuous   In fact, as long as the surgery is medically sound, then there is no reason people shouldn’t have it if […]

When Can I Return to the Gym After My Miami Breast Augmentation?

Many patients enjoyed an active lifestyle before surgery that they want to return to as quickly as possible. Any question about fitness activities is often part of a larger discussion about overall recovery that includes regular daily at-home activities and even work. Read on to learn more: Weeks 1 and 2 A woman who invested […]

What is breast implant rippling, and why does it occur?

A breast augmentation can be life changing for anyone who wants to improve their body image. Whether you’ve just begun researching plastic surgeons in Miami or have already had your surgery, it’s normal to have concerns. Most women report high satisfaction rates after surgery, but complications do occur. One issue Miami breast augmentation patients experience […]

Will I feel anything during my breast augmentation surgery?

If you’re looking to enhance the size of your breasts, then you’ve likely thought about a Miami breast augmentation. This type of cosmetic surgery uses implants to enhance the size and aesthetics of your breasts. As with any type of surgery, it’s completely natural to be worried about what you’ll experience during it. Local or […]