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    When Can I Return to the Gym After My Miami Breast Augmentation?

    Many patients enjoyed an active lifestyle before surgery that they want to return to as quickly as possible. Any question about fitness activities is often part of a larger discussion about overall recovery that includes regular daily at-home activities and even work. Read on to learn more:

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    Weeks 1 and 2

    A woman who invested in Miami breast augmentation shouldn’t use her upper arms during this time for any sort of reaching or lifting, which means that you should hold off returning to the gym or even an intensive at-home routine. You also shouldn’t perform certain common activities, such as reaching for an item on an upper cabinet shelf or lifting a small child. If your work requires reaching or lifting, then you should wait to return to it as well. You can and should spend time non-vigorous walking for cardiovascular and other health benefits. You can also return to driving after Week 1.


    First 4-to-6 Weeks

    Although you can perform many physical activities after Week 2, you should continue to only perform light exercise activities while you heal and your breast implants settle. You also shouldn’t lift any item that weighs more than 15 pounds. Stay away from physically intensive exercises involving weights or stretching, such as biking, jogging and weight lifting, since these activities can cause pain, prevent healing and potentially reposition your breast implants and change breast appearance. Recovery time frames vary by individual, the extent of the surgery, the type and size of your implants and even their placement.


    Beyond 6 Weeks

    Most women heal completely from their surgery by this point and return to all their previous activities without any restrictions, including at-home fitness and gym routines. A follow-up with your plastic surgeons Miami helps you to determine your progress and if you’re physically ready to return to your active lifestyle. A woman’s body rarely takes longer than six weeks to health, but it can happen, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or take medication that adversely affect your body’s ability to heal.

    If you opted to pair a tummy tuck with your Miami breast augmentation surgery, you must adjust your expectations. Recovery for both procedures usually takes approximately six weeks, but you can expect a higher number of physical restrictions because of the risk of strain to the abdominal area. As a result of a tummy tuck in Miami, your surgeon might recommend that you avoid lifting nearly anything during the entire six-week period, including grocery bags or a small vacuum cleaner.

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