While plastic surgery’s a great way to regain your health and reach your aesthetic goals, the recovery process can often feel intimidating to potential patients. Fortunately, recovery’s not as bad as you might think it is. Check out this helpful guide to learn the answer to all your questions about plastic surgery recovery.

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What’s the Recovery Timeline Like?


You’ll usually need to spend the first few days after surgery resting at home, and then during the next couple weeks, you can do normal activities but will need to take it easy. It can take a few months for you to feel entirely back to normal.


The exact timeline depends on the procedure you get. Here are recovery times for common types of surgery.

Is Recovery Painful?


Plastic surgeons in Miami will usually prescribe you pain medication for the first few days, and then you can switch to over-the-counter pain medication. Patients often find that they feel fine while resting, but they may experience some discomfort if they move. For example, if you get a tummy tuck in Miami, trying to use your abs to sit up might feel unpleasant.


How Long Until You See Results?


Results start appearing immediately, but you won’t see how things really look until the swelling goes down. Patients often start to see results within a few weeks. It can take things time to settle and fully heal, so it can be around six months before you see the final result of your treatment.


Do You Have to Make Lifestyle Changes During Recovery?


For best results, you’ll need to avoid smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol during recovery. It will also be important to relax and avoid overextending yourself physically. Drinking plenty of water, eating healthy meals, and taking certain vitamins  after approval by Dr Morales may also help with recovery.


What Healthcare Do You Need During Recovery?


Your plastic surgeon might place the surgical area in a special compression garment or bra to help things heal correctly. If you got something like a Miami breast augmentation, you will likely have to start some self massages after being taught by Dr Morales and his staff. Usually, you’ll need to clean these areas carefully, and your doctor might require you to visit the office and get the healing surgical sites checked.


Ultimately, the key to recovery is simply following the advice of your plastic surgeons in Miami.  It is important to follow your doctor’s advice or that of his staff rather than what you hear or read outside of the office for the best results.   With the right medical care, recovery can be fast, comfortable, and effective. To learn more about plastic surgery recovery, contact The Plastic Surgeon Miami for more info.