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    What Kind of Follow-up Care Should I Expect From Plastic Surgeons in Miami?

    When you’re visiting plastic surgeons in Miami to schedule cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, you’re likely to have questions about follow-up care. Postoperative care is essential to minimizing the chance of pain, infection, and other complications, and scheduled follow-up consultations are key to a smooth recovery. Meeting with your plastic surgeon after surgery gives you a chance to talk about any concerns you may have as they monitor your progress. Most plastic surgeons will meet with you when you wake up after surgery and then arrange to meet again after you leave the hospital.

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    During follow-up consultations, your plastic surgeon can check your progress while you describe any problems you’ve experienced after surgery. They may remove stitches or bandages and prescribe medication or additional treatments to encourage your recovery. You should meet with your doctor periodically until your wounds are completely healed.


    How Many Follow-up Appointments Will I Have?

    The number of follow-up appointments you need depends on the kind of surgery you had and the progress of your healing.


    Breast Augmentation

    When you choose a plastic surgeon in Miami to perform your breast augmentation, you can expect to have at least five follow-up consultations after surgery:


    • Day 1: You will likely go home from this outpatient procedure.
    • Day 2 or 3:  You will have a post op appointment to check your incisions, change your bandages and give you further instructions
    • Week 1: During this appointment, your doctor show you how to do your massages and give you further instructions
    • Weeks 4–6: Your doctor will let you know if you can return to the gym.
    • 3 months: Your doctor will check the position of your breasts and discuss your progress.
    • 6 months: Your doctor will make sure you are healing well and clear you to resume any previously prohibited activity.


    During follow-up consultations regarding your Miami breast augmentation, your doctor may take photos of your breasts to record your progress. They can counsel you on how to care for yourself and let you know when you can wear underwire bras or other clothing that may have been off-limits during your recovery. You should stay in touch with your plastic surgeon to maintain your results and plan for future augmentations.


    Tummy Tuck

    After you have a tummy tuck in Miami, follow-up care will be a necessary part of your recovery. Your doctor will see you the day after surgery. They will check your dressings, take a look at your immediate results, and make sure you have the medication you need to heal and manage your pain. You will learn how to take care of your wounds and wear your compression garments, and your doctor will schedule follow-up appointments to check your progress as follows:


    • Week 1: Your plastic surgeon will check on pain, swelling, and bruising and make sure that your incision and muscles are healing on schedule.
    • Week 4: Your doctor will advise you about increasing your movement while keeping your wounds closed.
    • Week 12: Your doctor will check to ensure your wounds and scars are healing sufficiently, advise you about resuming normal activity, and give you permission to wear your compression garments less frequently.
    • 6 months: Your doctor will monitor your progress, ensure you are eating healthfully, and take post-op photos.

    Follow-up Care is Essential to Healing

    Having a breast augmentation or a tummy tuck in Miami can be a rewarding experience that helps you feel confident in your skin. With the right follow-up care, you’re sure to love your results for years to come.