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    Where will the scar be placed for my breast augmentation procedure?

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    Reasons that folks seek Miami breast augmentation include:


    • Making their breasts even and proportional
    • Reconstructing their breasts after other surgery
    • Reinvigorating their breasts after significant weight loss and/or pregnancy
    • Just being more voluptuous


    In fact, as long as the surgery is medically sound, then there is no reason people shouldn’t have it if they want. As with any medical procedure, there are both benefits and risks. Dr. Morales and his  staff will talk about them all with you beforehand so that you can make a well-informed decision about whether or not to proceed.


    Miami Breast Augmentation Through Implants


    Implants are the most common form of Miami breast augmentation. They come in two varieties: silicone and saline. There are pros and cons with each type, and Dr. Morales will discuss those with you. Usually, silicone implants can make your breasts feel and look more natural than saline implants can, and the saline kind don’t require as big an incision, although with newer techniques and equipment the difference is minimal.


    Speaking of Incisions …


    One of the most common questions that patients have when speaking with plastic surgeons in Miami is, “Where will my scars be after the procedure?” The answer will depend on several factors, including your weight, body type, the kind of implants you receive, and whether or not a breast lift  is also required.


    There are two general sites where the scars will be, and they include:

    • The breast fold
    • Under the areola


    The breast fold location is the most common of the techniques. It’s the easiest for the surgeon to perform, has a lower risk profile and can be combined with a breast lift in cases where the breasts are saggier than normal.


    Another technique is the method whereby the surgeon performs the surgery through the areola. Because of the deeper color of the areola, the surgeon can hide the scar there, which can  make  it nearly  invisible. This procedure has few complications, although it does slightly increase the risk for loss of nipple sensation and capsular contracture.


    Should you wish to find out more about all of Dr. Morales’s services, including a tummy tuck in Miami, then you should contact our office at your earliest convenience.