If you’re considering a breast lift in Miami, it’s helpful to know what to expect after the procedure. Since this type of augmentation involves some incisions, there will be light scarring. Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to minimize these scars. Here’s what you need to know about breast lift scars.

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Common Types of Miami Breast Augmentation Scarring


Your scarring will depend on the type of Miami breast augmentation you have. Depending on which procedure your doctor recommends, you can end up with one of these three scar patterns:

How Long Does It Take Scars to Fade?


Right after your surgical incisions heal, your scars will look like bright red, raised lines. By around the 12-month mark, your scars will start to feel softer and lighten to a brown or pink shade. Eventually, scars will flatten and look like small, whitish lines on the skin. It usually takes three years for the final appearance of your scars to appear.


Though rare, some patients may develop a type of scar called keloid scars after treatments like breast lifts and tummy tucks in Miami. These scars are raised, often painful scars that can develop due to excess collagen production. If you notice your scars thickening and darkening after a few months, it may indicate a keloid. You should talk to your doctor as soon as possible to determine the appropriate treatment.


What You Can Do to Reduce Scarring Risks


There are many things you can do to reduce scarring. Picking a treatment with fewer incisions will make scars less noticeable. Protecting your skin from the sun, avoiding smoking, and eating a healthy diet can help. You should also follow your doctor’s instructions about massaging the area and applying moisturizing creams.


As one of the leading plastic surgeons in Miami, we prioritize patient satisfaction. Our team has plenty of experience with breast lifts and tummy tucks in Miami, so we can recommend minimally invasive procedures. To learn more about breast lifts and find more ways to reduce scarring, contact us today.