If you’re looking to enhance the size of your breasts, then you’ve likely thought about a Miami breast augmentation. This type of cosmetic surgery uses implants to enhance the size and aesthetics of your breasts. As with any type of surgery, it’s completely natural to be worried about what you’ll experience during it.

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Local or General Anesthesia

There are various plastic surgeons in Miami that opt for using general anesthesia, while others opt for using local anesthesia. For those who are unfamiliar with general anesthesia, you’ll be knocked out for the entirety of the surgery. For more comfort, our practice offers the patients general anesthesia under very qualified anesthesia providers for this procedure so that you won’t feel anything during the surgical procedure.


After Procedure Soreness

While you won’t feel any pain during the procedure, it’s crucial to note that you will likely experience some soreness post-surgery. The worst of the soreness is likely going to be close to the incision sites. You can also expect to see swelling that will last for up to two to three weeks. Many plastic surgeons will prescribe their breast augmentation patients pain medication to help reduce the soreness that they feel post-surgery.


Pairing With a Tummy Tuck

When you undergo a Miami breast augmentation, you may opt for pairing it with a tummy tuck. This secondary procedure works to remove sagging and loose skin and fat from the lower abdomen. 

Pairing these two procedures together comes with many great benefits. First and foremost, your recovery time will be streamlined when a Miami breast augmentation is paired with a tummy tuck as compared to having both procedures done separately. For most facilities, you’ll find that you will pay less for facility fees and other associated surgical costs when you combine both cosmetic procedures as compared to separating them.

If you’re ready to get a breast augmentation and/or a tummy tuck in Miami, then it’s time to set up a consultation. Give us a call today to get started on the new you!