Some women opt to have their breast implants placed above the pectoral muscle of the chest but below the tissue of the breast. This placement is referred to as subfascial or sub-glandular implants. Placing implants above the muscle prevents them from moving side to side and flattening when people flex their chest muscles. Implants placed above the muscle also do not move as much when people are engaged in physical activity.

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Women who have sagging breasts might choose this placement because it helps to give some lift to the breasts. As women age, implants placed over the muscle will continue to appear natural since the implants will also move down with the aging process. Finally, the recovery process following breast augmentation with placement over the muscle is typically much faster than it is with placement under the muscle. Women also report less discomfort with this type of implant placement.


Placement of Implants Under the Muscle


Placing implants under the pectoral muscle of the chest is the second option to consider. This placement can provide a more natural-appearing contour for the breasts and is a good option for patients who don’t have much breast tissue or are very thin. Patients who choose saline implants will always have them placed below the pectoral muscle so that they won’t visibly ripple in the cleavage area.


While placing implants under the pectoral muscle will provide a more natural appearance, there are some potential drawbacks. When implants are placed beneath the pectoral muscle, they can flatten or appear distorted with extreme flexing of the chest muscles. Over time, implants under the muscle might become displaced, but this is rare. The recovery process for women who choose under-the-muscle placement is a bit longer than with placement over the muscle, and women might experience more discomfort.

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