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    What should you know about the safety of outpatient surgery?

    People refer to those who have had plastic surgery as “having gone under the knife.” This can make you wonder how intensive a procedure such as a facelift in Miramar FL actually is. Many cosmetic surgery procedures are offered on an outpatient basis. But is this safe?

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    Comprehensive Study Finds Outpatient Plastic Surgery Safe

    In 2018, researchers completed a retrospective review of cosmetic procedures that were performed at an outpatient surgical clinic over a span of 23 years. The researchers found that outpatient plastic surgery is safe for most patients when it is performed at an accredited center.

    The study reported a complication rate of 0.78 percent. Some factors that increased risks for patients included:

    • Body mass index greater than 30 kg/m2
    • Multiple procedures performed during the same session
    • Operative times greater than 4 hours

    Recovering from Outpatient Cosmetic Surgery

    Your surgeon will give you instructions to help you heal as quickly as possible from an outpatient procedure such as breast augmentation in Miramar FL. You should expect a safe and healthy recovery if you follow these instructions, which typically involve:

    • Arranging for transportation home after the procedure
    • Guidelines for support and caregiving at home
    • Details regarding rest, exercise and returning to work

    Follow your doctor’s advice for the best chances for success. If you have questions, call the office before straying from these guidelines.

    Some questions that you can ask ahead of time to feel confident about your safety during and after a procedure include:

    • What are the center’s certifications?
    • Is there a transfer agreement with a local hospital for emergency situations?
    • What safety equipment does the center keep on hand for emergencies?
    • When will I be allowed to go home?
    • What should I expect from the recovery period?
    • What is the protocol for contacting the doctor after the procedure?

    Tips for Recovering Safely from Outpatient Cosmetic Surgery

    After a procedure such as a facelift, breast augmentation, or mommy makeover in Miramar FL, you will likely feel sleepy and groggy. You should have a caregiver drive you home and stay with you throughout the night. Your doctor will discuss a medication plan to keep you as comfortable as possible.

    Before you leave, you will schedule a follow-up appointment within the next few days. At this appointment, your doctor will examine the area and go over additional postoperative care requirements.

    Complex surgeries usually have a longer recovery time than simple procedures. Most patients who have gotten a facelift in Miramar FL can go out and about within a week. The recovery time for a mommy make over in Miramar FL is closer to two to four weeks. After a breast augmentation in Miramar, FL, patients can usually return to their normal non-strenuous activities within about a week.

    You should follow your doctor’s orders regarding the strenuous activity. You may not be able to lift heavy objects or participate in intense exercise for a few months.

    Every patient is different when it comes to recovering from outpatient plastic surgery. However, outpatient procedures are generally safe for individuals who are in good health and follow their doctor’s instructions for recovery. Contact us to learn more about outpatient cosmetic surgery in Miramar FL.