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    Facelift In Miami Procedures

    It’s interesting how one can have an amazing change of appearance with a simple facelift in Miami from a Miami cosmetic surgery expert. Facelifts in Miami has grown over the years with more successful surgeries every day. A facelift surgery is clinically known as rhytidectomy; it’s a medical procedure that is meant to reduce divulging signs of aging and the presence of facial wrinkles. An individual can decide to get a facelift to get rid of signs of aging and harmful effects of stress, which usually result to facial wrinkles.

    Residents of Miami can consider themselves lucky if they are in need of facelift. Miami is considered as the city with the best professional surgeons who are well known for their exemplary work.

    face lift in miami

    You don’t have to live with facial wrinkles and sagging if you don’t want to since there is a comprehensive solution to it. If you get a facelift surgery from a professional like Dr. Ramiro Morales, you can have all the excess skin removed and the underlying facial tissue and muscles tightened. The facelift also removes sagging around the neck. Facelift Miami involves utmost professionalism with minimal side effects.

    Patient Assessment

    Dr. Morales discusses your goals with you during the initial consultation. The doctor also carries our comprehensive evaluation, taking your skin into account, the underlying bone structure, and your medical history. He will then discuss with you whether your goals are realistic and recommend the best procedure. It’s important to disclose all the relevant information at this stage. Information such as drugs or medications you may be taking and whether or not you smoke.

    The Procedure

    A facelift is the surgical procedure of removing visible aging signs from the face and neck area resulting in a smoother and softer look.

    Dr. Morales usually begins by making an incision above the hairline, following the natural line in front of the ear and behind the earlobe. After separating skin from fat and muscle, he tightens the muscle and possibly removes unwanted fat deposits. Then he repositions the skin, removing any excess. Finally, he closes the incisions and bandages the treatment area. Sometimes, Dr. Morales places a small tube behind the ear to assist in the drainage of fluids, aiding the healing process.

    The Recovery

    The recovery process is different for all patients due to their immune systems and body elements that enhance healing. Nevertheless, Dr. Morales will provide every patient with every necessary post-surgery guidelines to enhance the healing process. In case you get a drainage tube, it will be removed after one or two days. Stitches are removed in about a week’s time. Even though there will be scars left after the healing, they are hidden under the hair. They also gradually fade, making them unnoticeable.

    When having a facelift for cosmetic reasons, one must have realistic expectations when it comes to facelift.

    For more information about Miami cosmetic surgery, schedule an appointment with Dr. Morales.

    face lift in miami


    face lift in miami


    If you would like to get more information about face lift in Miami or a Miami eyelid surgery, or if you would like to schedule a free initial consultation, please contact Dr. Morales today, (654) 870-4420.