You may choose to receive implants for a number of reasons. Plastic surgeons in Miami explain that augmentation is an extremely popular cosmetic procedure. However, you may be confused about the best size for your body. By considering a few aspects, you will be able to make an educated decision.

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Consider Your Individual Body Constraints

Everyone has a different frame, weight, height, and overall measurements. These will determine the correct size of your implants. For example, if you have a small frame, a “C” cup size will be ideal. For a larger woman, this will not be enough. Also, your doctor must examine the amount of tissue that covers your chest area. You need adequate tissue to insure the most aesthetic results after surgery.


Ponder Your Wardrobe

If you have a goal of filling low-cut blouses or dresses, you will likely lean toward larger implants. On the other hand, if you dress more conservatively, you may opt for smaller implants that do not draw attention to your figure.


Age and Frame

If you are an avid runner or athlete, you may try to avoid large implants that may interfere with your exercise. Your implants may be affected by your age as well. If you are not done having children, it may be wise to wait for surgery. Breasts expand and shrink during and after pregnancy. Also, older women have weakened tissues that may allow premature sagging with large and heavy implants.


Consult with Your Doctor

Certain women want the largest implants possible so that they gain the most for their money. However, it is best to consult with your physician. This medical professional will assess your body and recommend the correct implants for your individual circumstances. Implants that are overly large will not look natural and may raise the chances of developing complications.

Dr. Ramiro Morales is a noted plastic surgeon who has performed numerous Miami breast augmentation surgeries and tummy tuck in Miami procedures. He is dedicated to providing natural and beautiful results for all of his patients. To discuss the right implant size for your individual needs, call our office at 954-870-4420.