Plastic surgeons Miami residents can trust will always be honest about the risks. Plastic surgery is relatively safe. Nonetheless, complications can always occur. Whether you’re considering a Miami breast augmentation, or you’ve already had one, you might have some worries about ruptures.

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Ruptured Breast Implants: What Causes This Problem?

Over time, breast implants can fail and require replacement. The most common cause of leakage is the development of a fold in the outer shell of the implant. The shell begins rubbing against itself until it forms a small hole. Often times, these minor leaks go unnoticed due to the capsule of fibrous tissue the body forms around any foreign object. The leaking silicone remains trapped within that capsule.

Breast implants can also rupture due to severe trauma, such as a car accident or gunshot wound. Minor trauma, like what might occur if you tripped and fell, is unlikely to cause such damage. Breast implants are designed to be durable and withstand great amounts of pressure. Therefore, much like a tummy tuck in Miami or any other cosmetic procedure, while there is some level of risk, it’s nothing to fear.


Complications of Breast Augmentation: What are the Risks?

There are different types of breast implants. When it comes to saline, the risk of a rupture or leak increases by about 1% each year. The risk of silicone leakage is much less if the patient chooses fifth-generation silicone implants. These contain semi-solid gels rather than liquid silicone. This reduces the risk of leakage down to about 4% in nine years.


Breast Implant Ruptures: What are the Symptoms and Treatment Options?

Changes in the shape, feel, or size of the breast can be a sign the implant has failed. Lumps around the implant or near the armpit can also be a sign of implant damage or other serious problems. Lastly, if you notice any strange sensations, such as burning, numbness, or tingling, you’ll want to consult your plastic surgeon for help.

Fixing a ruptured or otherwise damaged implant requires surgery. During the procedure, your surgeon will remove the damaged implant as well as any materials that may have leaked out. You can have a new implant put in at the same time.


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Whether you’re considering a tummy tuck in Miami, a breast augmentation, or any other form of work, it’s important to ask questions. Educating yourself is the best way to not only avoid complications, but also spot the signs and symptoms of a problem before it worsens.

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