Bras not only vary in terms of shapes and sizes but also when it comes to function, say many plastic surgeons in Miami. Bearing that in mind, nearly all plastic surgeons in Miami will advise their patients to wear a post-operative bra instead of a traditional bra for at least four weeks following surgery. And the reason behind this is has a lot to do with the differences between post-operative bras and traditional bras. With that in mind, a post-operative bra is a compression bra designed to be used immediately after breast surgery and throughout a patient’s recovery. While they do support breasts like a traditional bra, these specialty bras, which, by the way, do not contain an underwire, can do a whole lot more, according to Miami breast augmentation experts. Some of the benefits associated with wearing a post-operative bra after undergoing breast augmentation surgery, as noted by these same experts, are as follows:



Miami Breast Augmentation Specialists Who Also Specialize in Tummy Tucks in Miami Weigh In on What Makes for a Good Post-operative Bra


Whether a woman undergoes breast augmentation to improve her appearance after a mastectomy or purely for cosmetic reasons, she should acknowledge that not even post-operative bras are created equal.  According to the vast majority of plastic surgeons in Miami and surgeons who perform tummy tucks in Miami alongside breast augmentations as part of a mommy makeover,  this means that even within this niche of specialty bra, some are, arguably, better than others.  Collectively, these Miami breast augmentation professionals agree that the following represents the best type of post-operative bras for women who have undergone breast augmentation surgery:


Typically, large-banded bras are less restrictive, and they don’t irritate the skin when women stretch and otherwise move around the way that short-banded bras do.


Final Thoughts on Post-Operative Bras Being Recommended by Plastic Surgeons in Miami

Whether you’ve undergone a tummy tuck in Miami as part of a mommy makeover, to improve the appearance of your chest after a mastectomy, or merely want to have better-looking breasts, you should wear a post-operative bra for at least four weeks after surgery.  Doing so can go a long way toward fending off infection, swelling, scarring, and so much more after undergoing a tummy tuck in Miami that included breast augmentation as part of a comprehensive mommy makeover or breast augmentation as a stand-alone cosmetic procedure. To learn more, consider speaking with one of the many plastic surgeons in Miami today.