plastic surgeons in miami

Breast implants can make your body look great and substantially improve your confidence. In most cases, plastic surgeons in Miami can install implants in a way that makes them hold up well against impacts and hazards in your environment. However, people who receive plastic surgery have to keep in mind that their body has no natural way of healing damage that is done to implants on its own. Instead, you may need to take steps to repair or replace your implants to keep your body looking great.

Common Problems With Implants

Breast implants are in an area of the body that is prone to impacts from a wide range of sources. Some implants get ruptured after a serious car accident or another high-impact event. However, most ruptures occur accidentally from impacts that may seem minor. Some people have even been known to experience rupturing after intense running. Repetitive motions can also cause ruptures over an extended period of time, such as by using a backpack that regularly puts pressure on the same area of a breast implant. In other cases, the cause of a rupture may not be immediately clear.

Fixing Your Implants

The good news is that Miami cosmetic surgery can almost always resolve issues with ruptured breast implants. In some cases, plastic surgeons in Miami may be able to fix your implants without doing any surgery. For instance, some ruptures occur when a small object gets stuck between your skin and your implant. Plastic surgeons in Miami may be able to push the object away from your implant without having to operate. In other cases, breast implants can be fixed with a simple surgery that only requires topical anesthesia.

When to See a Doctor

You should talk to your doctor immediately if one of your breast implants is causing bleeding or serious pain. If your implant has been severely ruptured but the pain is minimal, you may instead want to schedule a consultation to discuss getting cosmetic surgery in Miami. Surgery can permanently fix almost any rupture. At the same time, you may be able to improve the look of your breasts by adjusting or replacing your implants with newer products.

Choosing the Right Path Forward

When your implants are ruptured, the best path forward is to talk to your doctor. Your doctor should be able to recommend who you should speak to while addressing the seriousness of the rupture that has occurred.