After a person receives a Miami breast augmentation or a similar procedure, recovery is necessary. However, if you want to schedule a trip, you might want to learn when it is safe to travel. An experienced plastic surgeon in Miami explains when it is best to fly or to take a long car trip after surgery.

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Risks of Flying After a Tummy Tuck in Miami or a Similar Cosmetic Procedure


The major risk of flying after a tummy tuck in Miami or a similar procedure is associated with the development of deep vein thrombosis, or DVT. In other words, you may develop dangerous blood clots in your legs. This may become fatal if a blood clot breaks away and travels to your lungs.


Another risk of traveling after a Miami breast augmentation or a similar treatment is infection. Going to a foreign land may expose you to unfamiliar contaminants and diseases. Recovery takes a toll on your immune system. Fighting other things will make the healing process take longer.

Lifting Heavy Items

Most people pack heavy luggage when they travel. However, it is advised to avoid lifting anything for up to six weeks after a plastic surgeon Miami procedure. Lifting may place unnecessary strain on your wound, which can cause damage and pain.

Timeline for Travel

An experienced plastic surgeon in Miami will recommend that you wait at least a week to fly after receiving a cosmetic procedure. Also, it is essential to wear a compression garment, especially if you underwent a tummy tuck in Miami or a similar type of treatment. If you are at risk for developing blood clots, you are encouraged to walk around during your flight. If you are taking a long car ride, you are advised to make frequent stops so that you are not sitting for prolonged periods of time.

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