It is common for a woman to consider a tummy tuck in Miami or a different cosmetic treatment. When you decide to receive a Miami breast augmentation procedure, it is essential to choose the correct implant size. Everyone has a different body shape and lifestyle. Therefore, for best results, it is essential to seek guidance from a plastic surgeon in Miami.

miami breast augmentation

Individual Measurements

Bras are measured by cup size, but implants are measured by cubic centimeters. To increase your bustline by one cup, your implant will likely need to measure between 150 to 200 cubic centimeters. Also, it may be possible to try specialized bras during your consultation. As you wear the bra with the implant inside, you can get a true view of how different implants will look and feel on your own body. You can examine your profile as well.

Your plastic surgeon in Miami will consider your body type. If you have a small frame, it is likely that your ideal implant size will be less than a woman with a large chest wall and large natural breasts. If you decide to receive a tummy tuck in Miami at the same time as implants, it will be necessary to consider the adjustments of your measurements.

Weight of the Implant

Obviously, large breasts are heavier than smaller ones. The same is true for implants. A woman with a larger body frame may need larger implants to achieve the desired size change than a woman with a smaller frame. However, choosing an implant that is too large can cause fatigue and body pain.


Active women who are always on the move may not benefit from large implants. Working, running, lifting, or playing sports will be difficult when carrying a great deal of extra weight. In these cases, it may be wise to receive smaller implants.

Also, it is important to consider the clothing that you usually wear. A breast augmentation procedure will affect the way that your bra, swim top, and other outfits sit on your body. Although augmentation may help your clothes fit better, extra large implants may not work with your existing wardrobe.

Working with a Qualified Plastic Surgeon

When you are considering a tummy tuck in Miami or a breast augmentation, it is best to work with a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. Dr. Ramiro Morales has completed numerous cosmetic procedures. He will consult with you and will recommend the implant size that best compliments your figure and lifestyle. To schedule an appointment, call us at 954-870-4420.