Breast augmentations have become a common surgical procedure, but when choosing this cosmetic surgery in the Miami area, you want to find a great plastic surgeon in Miami to help your procedure go as smoothly as possible.

Finding a reliable doctor out of the many plastic surgeons in Miami will help your path to recovery. Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery that can actually improve women’s physical and mental health when done properly. A breast reduction can help with back and shoulder pain. Cosmetic surgery can also help fix sagging or unevenly sized breasts. There are different types of implants that your plastic surgeon can guide you through at your consultation. Your consultation will help you learn the long-term effects of breast augmentation and will allow your plastic surgeon to help your aspirations meet their expectations of what they can do for you.

As with any surgery, there will be risks and possible side effects. Your plastic surgeon is there to guide you through what they think is the best fit for your particular breast augmentation surgery. Two of the most popular implant options are silicone gel implants and saline implants. In 2006 the FDA found no connection between silicone gel implants and disease and they approved the sale of silicone gel implants. According to all current research there are no significant safety differences between silicone gel implants or saline implants and both are used in breast augmentations. Your plastic surgeon may have a preference for which to use in your particular surgery based on factors such as your current or desired breast size or your body type.

When choosing this cosmetic surgery in Miami, Dr Morales is a trusted and detailed plastic surgeon that can help you go through all of your options. He will walk you through the details of the surgery, letting you know the benefits and risks of the procedure. His years of expertise will put you at ease as he explains the entire breast augmentation process and allows you to make an informed decision about what is best for your health and lifestyle. Time is allowed for all of your questions to be answered at your cosmetic surgery consultation.

Book an appointment with one of the finest Miami plastic surgeons for your breast augmentation. Learn more about the surgery with a consultation and have all of your questions and concerns addressed by booking with Dr. Morales of Miami, FL.