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    Most people entertain the idea of having Plastic Surgery in an effort to improve their physical appearance.  During the decision making process, the positive health benefits to be obtained usually take a back seat to just “looking better”.

    To fully consider this, we should ensure a common understanding of “health”.  By this, we mean more than just physical health: we also refer to mental, emotional, intellectual, social and even occupational health.  When we take into account these various aspects of Health, then you can see that the various forms of Plastic Surgery can and do have a definite positive impact on the patient’s health. It’s been said that Plastic Surgery won’t add years to your life, but will add life to your years.  This is a pleasant thought, but given the below items, there is a good chance that Plastic Surgery can, in fact, based on your plastic surgeon in Miami it add years to the life of some patients.

    A few examples of how specific Plastic Surgery procedures can improve the patient’s health:

    • Self-Esteem is probably the most valuable of all of the health benefits to be derived from Plastic Surgery.  How the patient feels about him/herself and how they see themselves adding value to the world greatly improves when they feel better about how they look.  They will tend to get out more, engage more, do better at work, do better at life!
    • Breast Reduction can have a dramatic impact on a woman’s posture and almost always results in relief from neck, shoulder and back pain.
      • Breast Reduction can also improve a woman’s tolerance for exercise, enabling her to take advantage of exercise regimens she was unable to participate in previously
    • Rhinoplasty can include repairs to the patient’s deviated septum, thereby enabling better oxygen flow, easier breathing and a better night’s sleep for the patient and the patient’s spouse as this procedure usually drastically reduces snoring.
    • An overall healthier lifestyle is often the result of Plastic Surgery.  When a patient has spent the money, gone through the recovery time, and sees the end result they often develop a mindset and action plan to retain those positive results.  An improved diet and a regular exercise program is often the case with the patient living a healthier, happier and more satisfying lifestyle.
    • Any kind of fat loss or fat reduction decreases the risk of diabetes, heart conditions and a host of other maladies.
      • Liposuction and Tummy Tucks (and to a lesser degree, Breast Reduction) removes fat cells from the body.  Less fat cells means there are less fatty acids being released into the body. Since fatty acids impair the body’s ability to break down insulin, less of them is good and means a reduced risk of Diabetes.
      • This same fat removal can also improve the patient’s blood pressure and cholesterol, thereby reducing their risk of heart conditions.
      • It is important to note here the Liposuction, Tummy Tucks and Breast Reduction are not intended to remove large amounts of fat but rather to target stubborn areas.  However, any fat loss will help as described above.
    • Patients with cleft palate or cleft lips can experience immediate improvement in their overall quality of life after Plastic Surgery.  This heightened quality of life, bolstered by new found self-esteem, gives these patients the ability and the confidence to do things they would not do before.
    • Patients that have had plastic surgery often opt for an ongoing regimen of lotions and creams to help ensure results are long lasting.  There is a relatively new approach to this, sometimes call “Botox in a Bottle” type of products that have excellent track record of helping to maintain a youthful appearance with or even without plastic surgery.
    • Patients with drooping eyelids can have this problem rectified by having Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery.  This often results in improved vision and can even solve dry eye problems.

    The usual intent of cosmetic surgery in Miami  is to improve one’s physical appearance and, to that end, most patients end up feeling much better about how they look.  The natural outcome of this is an increase in Self-Esteem which often drives additional beneficial feelings and activities.  It could be (and often is!) argued that anybody that relies that heavily on their own looks for their self-esteem has problems that miami cosmetic surgery cannot fix, and in many instances this is true.  A good Plastic Surgeon in Miami will consider the mental and emotional condition of their patients as well as the physical and make decisions based on the whole picture.