Can breast implants deflate or rupture? We do not know how often silicone implants rupture, because when they do, they just stay in the capsule pocket. In the event of a silicone implant rupture, the effects are not immediately noticeable. We have to extrapolate from saline implant rupture.

Saline implants rupture about a half of a percent per year. In the event of a saline rupture, it is absorbed by the body resulting in a decrease in size.

What leads to implant rupture? It is really when the implant folds up on each other and rubs and leads to a fold flop. How do you prevent fold flops? First, do not put an implant in that is not going to fit in the pocket. It is going to get smashed and rub on itself. Implant manufacturers have done a great job in the last ten to fifteen years changing the design of the implant so we have more options for an individual’s anatomy. That is very important. They have taken to filling the implants with more gel. This prevents it from folding over and that is a great idea. In the saline world, there’s an implant called the ideal implant. They have three shells inside of each other that really help keep things from folding over. Their fold flaw is almost negligible.

The FDA recommends that you get an MRI every two to three years after breast augmentation to see if it is intact. This is unfortunately not a common practice among young and busy recipients of the surgery. What happens is that people usually just come back when they are having an issue with something. At that point, depending on what the issue is, we may get an MRI. MRIs are good, but not always perfect at finding ruptures.

People always wonder if they get into a car accident, will they pop or rupture their implant, or if they get a mammogram, will it rupture? This is a great question that many people worry about. The answer is no, but in the rare event that it occurs it is possible that the machine altered the implant capsule.

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