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There is no actual best age for a facelift, and those who opt for the surgery do so for a variety of reasons. Some choose to have a facelift for purely personal confidence, while others may do so for professional reasons. Some people even have a facelift for medical reasons when they foresee a skin issue developing that can be solved by having plastic surgery. Many recipients actually decide to have a facelift even when they are young to avoid certain skin issues as they age. Most facelift procedures are performed after the recipient is at least in the conventional stage of life, which is generally around age 40 or a bit later. It all depends on the individual and conditions they see developing that they would like to address. Regardless of age at the time of making the decision, consulting with and choosing the right plastic surgeons in Miami is always the best first step.

Reasons for a Facelift

There are specific facial conditions that would encourage a patient to choose a facelift procedure for correction purposes. One common problem is wrinkles under the eyes that can be eliminated. Obvious lines around the corners of the mouth are also typically what many people want removed, as well as some wrinkling around the nasal area. Forehead wrinkles can be an issue as will, and many times the wrinkles start while the patient is young. Sagging jawline definition or fatty tissue around the neck is also an issue many patients want repaired, and all of these problems can often be rectified with one single surgery.

Recovery Periods

Individuals who are around age 40 tend to recovery quicker with the best results of all patients who choose a facelift. Skin cells are still strong and bounce back better after the stretching process. Minimal skin lifting is also required, which leaves a better natural response and shorter adjustment period. People in their 50s and even in their 60s have excellent responses as well in most cases, especially if they have taken good care of their skin over the years before deciding on cosmetic surgery in Miami. The tightness after a facelift can actually be very remarkable regardless of age for many patients, and recovery periods are not always extended much beyond the average.

Anyone who is evaluating a decision for Miami cosmetic surgery should come to our offices for a full consultation regarding your surgery.