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Breast Augmentation

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Cosmetic Surgery Miami - Breast Augmentation

For a woman who would like to have her breasts improved to a more flattering size and shape, cosmetic surgery Miami is an ideal choice. There are many women who are skeptical about surgical procedures, but receiving breast augmentation Miami from an experienced surgeon means proportional breasts and greater aesthetics. While some women may be naturally endowed, others aren’t thus compelling them to seek avenues to attain a more voluptuous body. For such women, breast augmentation is the best option.

You may generally want a more attractive image for modelling purposes or for personal gratification, but for whatever reasons you would like to have breast augmentation, you should know that it’s a safe and easy way to get what you want. Whatever the reason, for any surgical procedure, from Tummy tucks to Breast Augmentation, surgeons are there to help you achieve your dream body which is what everyone wants at the end of it all.

Breast augmentation surgery has become quite common. However, not all surgeons have the expertise to perform such a high-precision and challenging surgery. Moreover, it’s essential that you be aware of the surgical process and its implications and more so be prepared for it. If you want breast augmentation Miami, Dr. Morales is one of the finest for consultation as well as the surgery.

The Process

The most common procedure to get breast augmentation is implants. It can be achieved through the placement of saline or silicone implants. Silicone gel breast requires larger incision than that of saline implants. The type of implant you get depends on a number of factors for which a consultation is necessary. Through consultation, we ensure that you get implants most suited to your unique body type and age. Dr. Morales will discuss every detail with you, including the merits and demerits of the procedure so that you make informed decision.

What It Does

It is our duty to make sure that our patients are realistic about their aspirations. Here is what a breast augmentation is performed for:

At the same time, if your breasts are extremely saggy, a breast lift surgery in addition to the augmentation might be required. Both surgeries can successfully be carried out simultaneously. We can guide you on whether you are eligible or not.

You will also need to quit smoking at least 6 weeks before the scheduled surgery date for more reliable procedures. If you are struggling to quit smoking (and have been trying for a while), then why not consider vaping as an healthier alternative to smoking. Some people have suggested that vaping has helped them stop smoking altogether. So if you want to quit smoking for good then maybe vaping is the way to slowly ease yourself off it. So if this is something that interests you then why don’t you check out something like this eight vape? You could also just go cold turkey on smoking for 6 weeks if you think that you could manage that.

For more information about cosmetic surgery Miami or specifically for breast augmentation procedure, feel free to book an appointment with Dr. Morales.