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Cosmetic Surgery in Miami Delivering Best Eyelid Surgery Experts

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Cosmetic surgery in Miami is a top cosmetic and plastic surgery organization with qualified doctors and experts. We offer quality eyelid surgery Miami. Our eyelid experts commit to practices and procedures that give absolute improvement of eyelid looks. We have earned a reputation for providing error-free cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures to our patients around Miami. Your facial beauty is our prime responsibility.

Cosmetic surgery in Miami has grown over the years to become well established, with all requirements and equipment that provide a platform for better results. It has incorporated the best practices that are tailored to attain high-level natural beauty. Our surgeon, Dr. Ramiro Morales, has the eyes and hands that deliver the best of facial features.

Why Choose Eyelid Surgery?

The eyelid surgery is meant to correct both the upper and lower eyelid problems. These usually tend to droop; giving patients a weary boredom look and somewhat impairs vision. The facility handles eyelid cases both for those seeking to improve facial appearances and those having eyelid functional issues.

Our concerns are the weary sagging skin of the eye; excess fat deposits causing eyelids to appear puffy, skins wrinkles usually of the lower eyelid and the eye bugs.

The Procedure

Dr. Morales corrects the eyelid fatty deposits and the excess skin in both eyelids. This is a practice he is specialized in and the outcome is the patient’s beautiful rejuvenated appearance and enhanced natural facial presentation. The knowledge and understanding of major aesthetic concerns instills much care and caution in his surgical hands.

Eyelifts are sometimes integrated in our practice. This is when it is necessary. We advise patients on the best long term facial surgical treatments as well and inform them of their anatomy’s response to particular procedures. Combination of eyelifts has so far been giving great looks.

Patient Assessment

Patient assessment is important in the determination of whether one is eligible for the procedure or not.It is done along with other relevant medical evaluations. We require patients visiting our facility to be open to the doctor by revealing all important information. Such information would include whether they are currently undergoing some medication or if they smoke.

Procedure and recovery

Our Eyelid surgery Miami takes roughly one to less than four hours under anesthesia, depending on the work to be done. The process involves making incisions and lifting the skin to separate it from the underlying muscles. Much more is done to give the best results.

Patient recovery may take several weeks.

Feel free to schedule an appointment with Dr. Morales for professional and affordable cosmetic surgery in Miami for initial consultation.